Anchoring device with non-insulated cable loop



Code: P 2269-0-00, P 2269-0-00 L

The anchoring device with non-insulated cable loop is a component of protective systems against falling from the height.  The device can be used on poles without consoles of LV/MV overhead lines.
A safety rope with fall arrester should be fixed to the eyelet of the cable loop. By hanging this assembly on the top of the pole, it is created an adequate protective system for workers climbed on the pole.

One of the cable loop ends is fixed to the circumference of the ring; the other end has an eyelet for attaching the safety rope (using a snap hook).

The anchoring device with cable loop can be applied on the top of the pole using a telescopic insulating stick.

The device is made in two variants, having different cable loop lengths.

The device can remain fixed in the insulating stick during the entire work session or can be detached from the stick. If it is detached, for dismantling the device from the top of the pole, it is necessary a dismantling fork (delivered at request).

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P 2269-0-00

P 2269-0-00L

Cable loop length (mm)



Maximum diameter of the pole in the anchoring area (mm)



Maximum load (daN)



Minimum static breaking force of the loop (daN)



Weight (kg)



The anchoring device with cable loop contains following components:
–  Cable loop made of steel
–  Hexagonal adaptor