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Anchoring device with insulated cable loop


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The anchoring device with a cable loop is a component of the fall protection systems and it is recommended to be used on poles without metallic/concrete consoles.
By attaching flexible anchoring support to the device of and by mounting the device on top of the pole, it is obtained an anchoring point.

The ends of the cable loop are fastened as follows: one end of the circumference with a ring-type part and the other end with a metallic eyelet to be connected with the carabiner, used for the connection with the flexible rope.

The anchoring device is applied on the pole with a 9 meters long telescopic insulating stick code PTU-AS-400-6-C (not included in this device) (see page 11).
The anchoring device with a cable loop can remain fastened on the stick on the entire work period or can be detached. In this latter circumstance, the dismantling of the device can be performed using a handling fork (delivered at request).

The anchoring device with a cable loop consists of the following components:

-steel cable loop

-hexagonal rod for fastening in the coupling system at the end of an insulating stick

The cable loop can be provided with a tubular sleeve made of insulating plastic material.

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P 2269-0-00P

P 2269-0-00PL

 Loop length (mm)



Maximum diameter of the pole in the anchoring area (mm)



Maximum operating load (daN)



Static strength (daN/3 minutes)



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The anchoring device with insulated cable loop contains following components:
–  Cable loop made of steel, protected by a plasic sleeve
–  Hexagonal adaptor