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Anchoring device for wooden poles

Anchoring device for wooden poles


Code: P2327-0-00

The anchoring device is designed in order to assure the stability of the wooden poles, where there are suspicions regarding the estate of the buried part of the pole. This device is temporarily used when the intervention works imply the climbing of the operator on the pole with the help of hooks or on a lead ladder.

The anchoring device contains an articulated fixing arms system, which includes the pole, operated through a conductive screw. At the inferior part – in the contact area with the pole – the fixing arms are provided with protruding parts in order to facilitate the fixing of the device on the pole.

The device can be mounted on the pole from the ground or from a height of approximately 6 m, using an operating rod.

The safe anchoring of the pole is made with 3 ropes that are coupled at one end at the device’s clutches and at the other end 3 metallic poles that must be stuck into the ground.

All the metallic pieces of the device are assured against corrosion by galvanizing. 


Parameter name


Diameter of wooden poles on which can be mounted the device (mm)

80 – 260

Resistance at traction (daN)


Weight of the device including the arms (kg)


The anchoring device for wooden poles is composed of:
– Device with arms – 1 piece;
– Anchoring rope – 3 pieces x 10 m;
– Connecting rope – 1 piece;
– Rods – 3 pieces x 1 m;
– Operating rod – 1,2 m x 4 pieces.