Anchoring device for wooden poles - new model - Romind

Anchoring device for wooden poles - new model


Code: P 2412-0-00

The anchoring device is designed in order to assure the stability of the wooden poles, where there are suspicions regarding the estate of the buried part of the pole.

This device is temporarily used when the intervention works imply the climbing of the operator directly on the pole (hooks, climbing spurs), case where there are used two devices or on the ladder leaned on the pole, case where there is used only one device.

The anchoring device contains two telescopic legs, height adjustable, provided at the end with articulated slip resistant soles and at the top with a fixing system for the pole.

All the metallic pieces of the device are assured against corrosion by galvanizing. 



Diameter of the wooden poles (cm)

16 … 35

Mounting heights (m)

1,5 … 1,8

Weight (kg)