Alcohol tester


Code: CA 2000

The CA 2000 alcohol tester is a portable electronic device that determines the alcohol concentration from the blood from a breath sample. Based on a measuring technology controlled by a high selectivity semiconductor oxide sensor, the device provides accurate and reliable results of the concentration of alcohol in the blood, by automatic conversion of the alcohol determined from the breath. The alcohol testing is conducted in totally hygienic conditions, the device being equipped with plastic disposable mouthpieces.

The alcohol tester is provided with LEDs that will optically signalize a low battery ( BATT LOW), the readiness of the test (READY), the exceeding of the alcohol level over 0,5‰ ( WARN ).

The device is equipped with a 9V battery, but can be powered from a 12 V power supply (car cigarette lighter) through a power cord included in the set.

The alcohol tester CA 2000, including its accessories, it is packed in a cloth pouch.

Consumables (supplied on request): bag of 100 mouthpieces .

Parameter name


Alcohol concentration from the blood 

0,00 – 4,00‰ with a pace of 0,01

Acoustical warning

Prepared for testing / complete sample


LCD type, 3 digits

Power supply

1 alkaline battery 9 V / car lighter 12 V

Dimensions (mm)

120 x 60 x 25

Weight (gr)

81 – without battery